The Top Will Be Lonely…

I’m finding that climbing the ladder comes with a price.  I say, NAME IT.     What I’m wearing: Greatest Tits Longsleeve Youthmachine // Shorts Hot Topic // Hat American Apparel // Shoes Solestruck x Buffalo   I just needed to get my head back on, and I think I’ve done it.  This year is


VEGAS.COM asked me to take a few photos in styles that I would wear to Aria Hotel & Casino. Well, I went to Aria, and this is how I styled myself. Waiting for my Valet…. First Look: Homme Boy Sweater, Beanie, and Sunglasses Alex&Chloe // Boy London Drop Crotch Sweats Kitson // White Doc Martens Solestruck


TRACKLIST: 1. Monument 2. Sayit 3. Do It Again 4. Every Little Thing 5. Inside the Idle Hour Club Download: Here   I have seriously been waiting for years since Robyn’s last album, Body Talk.  Although this 5-song album is just a collaboration between legendary Norwegian dance-duo Royksopp, I still get to hear the voice

#MCM – Edward Vigiletti x GLASSbook

Edward Vigiletti once again giving me a Fashion Boner.             Another day, another photo shoot from Androgynous Alum, Edward Vigiletti.  This time it was for GLASSbook Magazine, photographed by Elias Tahan.  My Man Crush Monday’s consist of not only sexy guys, but smart, confident, and guys-on-the-rise.  And that is exactly what

Pastel Paradise

  I break ankles in the name of Fashion.               What I’m wearing: Pastel Sweatshirt Killstar from Pixie Kitsune // Leggings H&M // Platforms YRU


Finding a unique brand these days can seem easy.  Until you instagram troll only to find another brand has copped the style of the first one.  Or maybe it was the other way around?  Either way, it seems like an endless search to find that one piece that will make people wonder, and ask, where

91′ Problems

I’m a 90′s kid.  I still feel like a 90′s kid.  What I’m Wearing: Boy Problems Sweater Petals and Peacocks // Ash Tray Leggings SuperShop24Hrs // Platforms YRU Away Message: I got 99 Problems, but a boy ain’t one.

Holy Lookbook! Christopher Kane Fall 2014 Menswear

Fall is right around the corner, and so are the new Menswear Lookbooks and Runway Shows for Fall 2014.  Which means I will be posting my favorites daily from the up-coming season. First on the List, Christopher Kane:   Prints, prints, and more prints.  Prints are taking over fashion.  For spring we saw colorful print

SOUND CANDY: Brooke Candy – Opulence EP

Watch out Pop Princesses and Hip-Hop Queens, the breath of Rap air has arrived.  Although fresh on the radio, Brooke Candy is no newbie to the music game.  Growing up in opulence, Brooke has had plenty of opportunities, but she has single-handedly carved out her own path and is bringing her sound to every Bad

Just Us Freaks

A few weeks ago, I shot the beautiful Daylee in Just Us Freaks Jewelry for the May Issue of FashionFeedLV.  I will be working with her a lot more in the future.                   Shot in Henderson, NV April 2014 Check out Just Us Freaks Jewelry Here

It’s All About Alexander & Andre

Can’t forget about the Future Eyes.                             What I’m Wearing: Extra-Long Shirt Topman // Bomber Jacket Members Only // Glasses Future Eyes from Shop Haus of Love // Snakeskin Hat KNYEW // Shoes Alexander Mcqueen X Puma from SoleStruck   A few hours before attending

A San Fran Birthday

Give me the bank account, and I’d be on the next one-way to San Francisco.                               What I’m Wearing: Sweater Petals and Peacocks // Leggings Forever 21 // Platforms YRU   I remember the first time I saw a glimpse of

Super Shop Steven

Welcome to the Planet Venus.                   What I’m wearing: Top Rojas // Jacket 24hrs // Skinnies RUDE // Platforms YRU // Sunglasses UNIF


I am currently saving up for the purpose of re-visiting California and going on a shopping spree at The Well LA.  Seriously, though.   Music, a Solestruck Pop-up shop, and a salon all wrapped into one.  What more could a boy love?  The Well’s private label(far bottom right) looks pretty juicy.  Like I said, shopping


After 7 hours of makeup burning my eyes, I’d say we got some good shots.             666 Jersey: UNIF White Qozmo Platforms: YRU Photographed by Joseph Thomas   As I was shopping(really?) in Buffalo Exchange a few weeks ago, I was approached by a UNLV student studying Videography.  He told

Asia x Lunar Candy #3

  I freakin’ love shooting this girl.   Third time is a charm.  Taking a break at MAGIC Las Vegas, Asia and I went outside the convention center to snap some looks for her blog.  If anyone can pose on command, it’s her.  Making her move to LA in August to pursue her fashion PR

Married To The Mob

      Street wear is growing on me.               Yes, I know I’m not wearing the right shoes.  If I knew I would find gorgeous Doc Martens a few weeks later, I would have put this shoot off.  But a fashion blogger must go on! Crop Jersey: Married

Diesel Runway @ Fashion Show Mall, Las Vegas

            #WORKBITCH                 Those jeans! ^.^                                 Omg, k.  Obsessed with her.                 Sometimes I can’t help myself.  I have been